Monday, November 11, 2013

Google Drive a Lifesaver

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Sometimes you simply assume that certain things are just common knowledge. Recently, I discovered that Google Drive is one of those things I had simply assumed everyone knew about. But after speaking with several people it turns out that they've heard of it, seen it even on their Google account, but have never really stopped to think what it is and better yet what it can do.

So I'm here to tell you all about the wonderful things Google Drive does and how it can save the day.

What exactly is Google Drive? 

Google Drive is a service provided by Google (at no cost) for storing files. Another great feature is file sharing and collaborative editing.

What exactly does this mean?

It means you can either upload pictures, documents, photos, and other files or you can create these documents directly on the Drive using Google's Drive apps. The apps are in formats closely related to Microsoft Office programs; such as, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The files are secure and you can access them from anywhere, all you need is a computer, with internet access, or (if you have a Smartphone) the mobile app. Click here for a list of apps.

But that's not all. The Drive allows you to add other Google users to selected files for sharing and collaborating. It will track any changes made by other users so you can tell who's contributing to the project and who isn't. Not only can you see this information but so can your teacher or instructor if you use it for school projects.

How much space do I get?

At no cost you are given 15GB of storage. But you do have the option to purchase more storage space starting at around $4.99 per month for 100GB. Do keep in mind that the storage space is shared between Drive, Gmail, Photos, and Google+ but anything created with Drive apps doesn't use your storage space. Click here for a list of what does/doesn't use up your space or how to purchase more space.

Why talk about this on a site for moms? 

Here is where I get to tell you how Google Drive can make a moms life easier. I use Google Drive to keep track of my families budget. I have the app downloaded to my phone and can check or make adjustments to the budget anywhere at anytime. Other things I use it for? Shopping lists, photo storage and sharing, and absent excuse notes to my children's school. This works nicely since I can print to my printer directly from my phone.

I also created a Google account for my son and he does all of his school projects and reports on the Drive. This has saved us more than once during power outages, computer viruses, and (due to his ADHD) forgetting to save his documents. It's also nice that he can bring his phone wherever we go and work on his projects without needing a computer.

Oh and I have created a spreadsheet for my blogs where I can keep track of my posts, page views before and after, and other relevant information that has helped me gauge reader response.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of Google Drive, the possibilities are endless! Click here to begin.


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