Monday, April 1, 2013

Driving on Autopilot

Today I was driving to pick up lunch and just as I was pulling into the establishment I seemed to "wake up". I realized that I had no idea how I had arrived at my destination. I'd driven for nearly 10 minutes, changed lanes, gone through traffic lights, and had absolutely no recollection of it.

So I decided to do some research to see why this happens and if it's common. Turns out it is. There are many reasons for this you're either bored, preoccupied with other thoughts, or have had many sleepless nights. In my case it was probably a combination of all three. It is very dangerous as you can imagine because you're not truly aware of what is happening in traffic.

But it got me thinking and I wondered, how many moments in life are we on autopilot? Going through the motions of our daily lives without being present. We live in an age of many technological advancements and in a society where "now" is the only amount of time we're willing to accept.

Imagine how many things we've missed as a result of moving day by day without being in the moment. So the next time you find yourself moving on autopilot whether it be driving or in life, stop and take the time to enjoy the things around you. Especially, your children because they grow up fast and one day you'll "wake up" and realize they've gone off on their own and you've missed the journey.

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