Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deciding to Have a Tummy Tuck

Last summer I made the difficult decision to have a tummy tuck. I say it was difficult because for the past six years I have talked about having the procedure but I was always afraid of going through with it. If it were not for my husband I would not be writing this post today because I would still be "just talking about it".

But finally on September 25, 2012 I had my full abdominoplasty with muscle tightening (aka-Full Tummy Tuck). If you're reading this post then you too are considering having a tummy tuck or you're already scheduled to have one. Either way, I'm hoping that this post and those to follow will help you. Below I've answered some of the most frequent questions I am asked.

Why did I feel I needed a TT?

This is the one question everyone asks. It wasn't just because I wanted to "look thin" as many seem to think. I had very big babies for my petite frame and both pregnancies were cesarean births. When I healed things didn't quite fall the way they should have and I ended up with what became known as my kangaroo pouch.
What made me finally decide?

Nothing in particular. One day I was having another one of those "I'd love to have a TT" moments and called a doctors office just to see what they would say. The lady on the phone spent 20 minutes talking to me and convinced me to schedule an appointment "Just to see". I went in not thinking anything, but my husband came with me, he apparently had other plans. As soon as the appointment was over, he signed off and put a deposit. He was tired of me talking about it and figured it was time to push me.

How much fat did they cut off? 

I use to do a good job at hiding my belly. I was told that it would be about 2lbs that would be taken off but ended up with twice that. A total of 4lbs were cut off but with my diet regimen, I have lost a total of 12lbs since surgery. Which was 3 1/2 months ago. Generally, they say between 2-5lbs gets cut off.

How long was the recovery?

I'd say that I am still recovering even though I'm back to doing a majority of my activities. I still feel tightness and soreness when I make certain movements and stretching. It took me 2 weeks to drive, at which time I also returned to work. I began exercising again after 6 weeks with no abdominal workouts (those were after 8 weeks). I felt most normal after 8 weeks. I expect to have a full recovery by my 1 year anniversary.

How long is the scar? 

For a full TT you are looking at a scar from hip to hip and it follows similar to the first drawing below.

Finding a doctor.

If you don't personally know anyone who has ever had a TT or any type of plastic surgery. Start by searching for surgeons in your area. I went by the top reviewed with highest stars in my area and started to call. I felt so comfortable with my first choice after meeting him that I never had to see another doctor. I think once you meet and see the doctors work, you will know whether or not you have found your match. Make sure to see before and afters and go in with a list of your own questions. But to me, reviews say a lot.


This definitely varies from city to city. It also depends if you're having liposuction with the procedure. But for a reputable doctor you are looking at anywhere between $6,000 - $10,000, if not more in bigger cities.


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